Pattern Emerges In TX Senator Perry Repeatedly And Consistently Infringing On Stalking Victim’s Civil Rights


While we are not certain, we believe this to be a spoof account created by Senator Perry to be able to communicate with Ms Ortiz. She said the topic of conversations and things this person says are not indicative or consistent with her best friend from high school, Anna Davis. The person talks about wanting a person who is not her (his) spouse, says she knows the other person doesn’t want her (him) but doesn’t care. Its going to be her (his) way. The person states they don’t care who they hurt or how bad they hurt them, they are going to impose themselves on the other person because they want to and care nothing about how that affects anyone else. Ms Ortiz said its not consistent with her friend Anna at all.
There is a song she (he) sends her that talks about a woman leaving a man and he’s upset about it. Ms Ortiz rejected Senator Perry and there was an agreement, as evidenced in her bond conditions, that he’d cease and desist all unwanted contact. Clearly he has not.
Later in this same conversation the person states that they believe it to be the “end times” and those “gays”. Ms Ortiz stated, “My friend Anna and I grew up in a town that really whether or not someone was gay was of no concern to us at all and Anna would never have even mentioned it. Charles, in trying to bait me out on a political rant so he could say my claims that he is stalking me is “political” when clearly it has nothing at all to do with his legislative duties, but Anna just would never mention it. Our parents made it a concern, but we did not. Culturally, where we grew up with our generation it just wasn’t something we discussed ever because we didn’t care. I don’t even remember even once in all the time we were in school, the subject coming up at all. So for this person to say that in such a way that its related to the “end times” doesn’t sound like Anna. It sounds like Charles Perry trying to bait me out on a political rant of some sort. I didn’t respond at all because my feelings were such that the conversation was getting so very bazaar that I just wanted to end it and stop talking with this person. That whole conversation was weird and made me very uncomfortable so I got off Messenger as soon as I could politely dismiss myself and went to take a shower to get all that nasty off me that that bazaar conversation produced.
As you can see by what this person says and in the way Ms Ortiz’s arrest was done so that she was denied her Constitutional Rights to Equal Protection and Due Process and compare to the symptoms outlined in this article about AntiSocial Disorder, there are a lot of similarities. Ms Ortiz has made her wishes completely clear that she wants Senator Perry to cease and desist all contact. He agreed as evidenced in her bond conditions. He won’t stop because he considers his wishes to be of more importance than that of Ms Ortiz, her family or even his wife and family, or so it appears.
Also, quick disclaimer: We have not had a chance to go back and look, but someone notified us that there was a miswording of a post. The word “blackmail” is used and it was supposed to be “extortion” not “blackmail.” So that wording will be corrected once someone has time to go back and review posts to see where that was posted.
Senator Perry continues to threaten, harass, stalk, Ms Ortiz and make unwanted contact with her but then when we put what he’s doing here, he claims he is the one being harassed. Again, he smeared her in the news and slandered her and she has the First Amendment right to tell her side of the story and remedy the defamation. She cannot sue for slander because Perry made sure the charges were not dropped until the clock ran out on the statute of limitations allowed for her to sue. I’m sure that was intentional. She has no other way to remedy her very damaged besmirched reputation. Again part of the symptoms of Anti social disorder are ignore the rights and desires of other people and its clear he’s done that just in the way he handled her false arrest. He is again attempting to rob her of her First Amendment Right to free speech just as he did rob her of her Fourth Amendment Right to Equal Protection and Due Process. Robbing Ms Ortiz of her civil rights is Perry’s pattern. There is list of this going on through out the years. Its a distinct pattern on his part.
The pattern of Senator Perry to infringe upon Ms Ortiz’s Civil Rights is as follows:
1) She told him in 2011 to stop showing his feelings for her in public so that it would not be seen by other people, and begin harmful rumors that might ruin his career and her’s. Her comments were met then by documented events that constitute an invasion of her privacy, stalking, and harassment. She details these actions on the part of Senator Perry in her texts, email, and facebook messages going back to 2011. She continues to say over and over again, going back to 2011 that she just wants him to leave her alone. She ends her successful political career of fifteen years abruptly after the man she was seeing who died of cancer expressed serious concern for her safety and urged her to do whatever she had to do to distance herself from what both Darrell and Ms Ortiz saw as a dangerous situation, stops even voting in 2012, only told close friends from 2011 to 2015, that is FIVE years, not days, not weeks, not months, years when she made the problem public during the Protective Order hearings.
2) She then moves to Dallas to get further away from Senator Perry being that ending her political career did not stop Perry’s unwanted contact and intrusion in her life. The stalking and harassment and intrusion in her privacy became worse. He’s not changing anything. Hes not losing anything. Ms Ortiz is the one making massive life changes to escape Perry’s unwanted contact and harassment. The changes she has made over the years are drastic massive life changes. He has lost nothing. She has lost everything. His guns are by far much bigger than her’s.
She then moves even again after contacting family to tell them what she’s being subjected to. They tell her, “Load your car with all that you can fit, and come here now.” She did just that. She didn’t take the time to unenroll her son in school. They simply loaded the car with everything they could fit and left Texas in September, 2014. She’d be warned to leave the state by an unidentified person who also told her “Senator Perry is after you. He is going to ruin you. I’ve seen him do it before. He is not who you think he is. He bribed the judges to take your son, he ruined your businesses and he is after you. Get out of Texas as soon as you can. He’s trying to get you to call him, isn’t he? Don’t do it. He is going to take it to his friend, the Lubbock DA and claim you are harassing him. Its a trick. Do not call him.” She did not know the Senator did all that. All she knew there were a lot of things that didn’t make sense or add up. When she was told this, it seemed then that she had better pay attention but even initially she was not sure the information was correct. The man came to see her in March, 2014. She didn’t leave until things began look dangerous and like the Senator was in fact intruding and interfering in her life. She didn’t call him but she also didn’t leave until September, 2014, several months after the man came to visit her.
Her life looks like that of a stalking victim. His does not even come close. She has made massive life change after massive life change trying very very hard to get away from Senator Perry’s constant unwanted contact and intrusion and interference in every part of her life. Careers, relationships, friendships, she spent her entire life building are now gone. Perry still has his business, his clients, all family members, friends, but many of Ms Ortiz’s friends just stopped talking to her with no explanation at all. Success in business she’s experienced all her life suddenly stopped. Everything in her life is distinctly different than it was before she met the Senator and its not just things she did for a few months before she met him. These are things she did successfully, friendships she’d had established for twenty years before meeting him. There is a distinct long history of Ms Ortiz’s life that abruptly changed and diminished to where there is just nothing left just after she met Senator Perry. There is a reason for that. Its not coincidence. Its not possible that this is a coincidence. She documented time after time where he came to where she was. She didn’t go where he was. She went to political events related to her job but never did she go where he was having dinner with friends or family for example. Yet, she and her friends document times where she was with them on outings they planned and texted about that she never discussed with Perry and over and over his staffer shows up, his daughter shows up, or even he showed up. These are things he could only know about from hacking her phone and seeing texts discussing her plans. She never called him and told him what she was doing and yet consistently time after time, he or someone close to her ends up at the same place at the same time. This is a massive intrusion into her privacy and her life and repeated patterns documented by Ms Ortiz and her friends going back to 2011, seven years ago.
3) Then he sends Dave Roberson who tells Ms Ortiz to recant her claims that he is stalking, or he will put her in the lake. He texts her admitting to poisoning her, assaulting her, tells her to “let your life fade away”, attempts to coax her out where he is. She was in fear for her life. She just met the man. Outside of Senator Perry he had no reason at all to want to harm her. She did what any prudent individual would do and went to Tulsa police for help. She talked to a desk clerk who told her a detective would be assigned and call her back, yet this call didn’t come until she was already in Lubbock jail for “filing a false police report in retaliation for doing his job” and yet she was never able to speak to a detective, never able to provide texts, video evidence or obtain a forensic pathologists inspection of her blood and hair to confirm or rule out poisoning. Perry instead has her arrested before she could and never once demanded this information to support his claims as you’d think he would do unless he knew what the results would be and instead wanted that evidence destroyed. In doing this, he now has not only violated her right to privacy by viewing texts and showing up where she is or having people close repeatedly show up where she is, but he violated her right to privacy in gaining access to the police report that is supposed to be private and confidential. He violated her Civil Constitutional Right to Equal Protection and Due Process in having her arrested before there was due diligence in her police report. The authorities have a compulsory fiduciary obligation to thoroughly and completely investigate all complaints prior to making any arrests at all and yet, Ms Ortiz did not get these rights enforced in fact they were violated. Again, Perry violated Ms Ortiz’s civil rights which continues to establish a pattern on his part of infringing, imposing, showing no empathy to how his actions affect Ms Ortiz or even his family, and had he not been involved, you’d think he’d demand a complete and thorough investigation if for no other reason to prove he is not engaging in the conduct Ms Ortiz alleges. The evidence needed to prove or disprove her claims is now forever lost as a direct result of his actions and of the violation of Ms Ortiz’s Civil Constitutional rights afforded her under the 14th Amendment.
4) The charges against Ms Ortiz have been dropped however she was smeared by Perry in the process of him carrying out his threats to arrange a false arrest as she told family and friends he’d been threatening for months before she even committed the act for which Perry did in fact have her arrested as previously threatened. Because of the delay in the charges being dropped, he timed out the clock that allows for her to sue to remedy the defamation and slander to her reputation and continues to threaten to have her killed, kidnapped or arrested again telling her he will get her on cyberbullying. Again, a violation of her First Amendment Right to remedy the defamation and slander he launched against her. More pattern of consistently taking action to violate her rights giving no thought to what she wants, needs, or the Civil Rights afforded her under the Constitution which many good men bled and died to give her those rights he so callously violates on a regular basis.
If you cannot spot the patterns by now, you need help. Its clear, its concise, its repeated day after day, year after year and its flat wrong. He’s done this to her consistently for so long, the patterns are undeniable and they are ugly and its time someone puts a stop to it.

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