Senator Perry Asked to Cease and Desist Unwanted Contact As Per Agreement Made In Lubbock in April, 2016

As we’ve already relayed in detail five times Senator Perry had a chance to “vindicate” himself in a court proceeding but not only did he avoid the opportunity, he blocked it. There is now a sixth such event. Ms Ortiz could have filed a law suit against self proclaimed Perry hit man, for assault, however Senator Perry held out so long in dropping the false charges that he arranged as previously threatened, that he managed to time out the clock so that the statute of limitations in the state of Oklahoma has run out and that option is no longer available to Ms Ortiz had she decided to take that opportunity. Why is Senator Perry so afraid to make his case that he is not stalking Ms Ortiz as she’s claimed since 2012, in court?
Ms Ortiz, truthfully, would rather not have to deal with this in court, but would like to simply put this entire seven year nightmare in the past and move on however, Senator Perry continues to stalk, harass, interfere, and engage in very much unwanted contact. Each day he’s threatened to find a way to arrest her and throw her back in jail telling her he wants to make a deal that involves her having to lie for him and be his girl. He seems to think, still, if he finds a way to throw her in jail, she can’t date, he gets to continue to have a fantasy affair with Ms Ortiz, and go out to the media and claim “See, I’m not stalking her, she’s a criminal.” Ms Ortiz had never in her life been arrested or had any problems with the law at all until Senator Perry did what he’d threatened for some time and arranged a false arrest. Ms Ortiz doesn’t want even a friendship with Senator Perry, much less anything else and she has made that very very clear. Each day he’s made romantic gestures toward her, and when she refuses to reciprocate, the threats begin. Its a vicious abusive cycle he subjects her to daily. Every day, he’s going to kill her or find a way to throw her back in jail so she can’t date, and he gets some false twisted version of vindication. If he’s not stalking, why block every attempt she’s made to have the matter adjudicated in court? Why continue this to drag this out year after year putting both families through the drama? Why not end it once and for all and allow the matter to be heard in court complete with witness and evidence or just stop stalking her and leave her and her family and friends alone? Why block every single attempt she’s made to have the matter heard in court? If he truly has nothing to do with Dave, why not at least allow her to sue Dave rather than running out the clock so she’s limited on that endeavor as well. Maybe its just me, but if the Senator is really not stalking her but being accused of stalking, why has he not made more of an effort to find out who is stalking Ms Ortiz, if not him? I would. If I were falsely accused of something like that, and had the resources Senator Perry has, I’d be using them to find out who on earth is doing all these horrible things to Ms Ortiz and blaming me for it, but that is just me. I”d be sick of being accused of something I wasn’t doing. He and Ms Ortiz were once friends so why would he not want to find out who is stalking her if its not him. He could at the very least, do what OJ Simpson did after killing his ex wife but being found not guilty of her murder and set up a 1-800 tip line for people to call in with information. Senator Perry at least has the resources for that and yet year after year after year he lets this drag on and on claiming he’s not stalking Ms Ortiz, blocking every attempt she’s made that he could conceivably come to court and prove that. He’s got a lot of resources and certainly much more than she, so what is the problem. He’s got her out lawyered and out gunned by far so why not allow this matter to be heard in court? Why keep demanding she lie for him, be his girl, make a deal that involves her lying for him, try a zillion different ways to fake up an arrest, attempt to kill her, then block each time she’s attempted to file for hearings in a civil court of law. She was even looking forward to a criminal trial when he carried out his threats to arrange a false arrest the first time. She saw it as an event that sucked, but an opportunity to have her case heard finally in a court of law. She was looking forward to proving Senator Perry is in fact a stalker and engaging in a great deal of unwanted contact, that he did in fact attempt to kill her after being angry that she attempted the Protective Order of May, 2015. The PO was denied on jurisdiction not due to lack of merit and Senator Perry filed the Motion to Dismiss based on jurisdiction rather than appearing in court and effectively refuting the evidence.
Ms Ortiz does have evidence that Senator Perry has put cameras in her house and that evidence has been provided to her attorneys. Ms Ortiz does have evidence, as bazaar as this sounds and as bazaar and creepy as this is, that Senator Perry appears to have paid a man to hang out in her attic for what reason, we aren’t sure but that evidence has been sent to her attorneys as well. When she was in Lubbock she continued to ask her attorney, Ted Hogan, after he relayed regret to her on the part of the DA for having her arrested having seemingly been misled regarding the facts surrounding the case, “All I care about is that Charles leave me alone. That’s all I want. I never want him to contact me again ever. I want the stalking and harassment and hacking and death threats and murder attempts stopped and stopped now. I never even want to hear his name again ever. Get that man off me.” I do not think anyone could be more clear than that as to her wishes. Ms Ortiz has no relationship with Senator Perry at all whatsoever. They are not friends, they are for sure not lovers, and never will be. Ms Ortiz was promised the stalking and unwanted contact would come to an end and that she would be left alone from here on out however that promise has not been kept by Senator Perry. So that there is no more court, no more problems, Ms Ortiz very much would like Senator Perry to cease and desist all contact, direct or indirect, in person or by proxy, covert and not covert, through hacking or people, and would like him to cease interfering in her ability to earn a living wherever she wants, to cease and desist all contact to friends and family and anyone in Oklahoma. Realistically, there is just not one reason for him to be in Oklahoma or call people in Oklahoma connected to Ms Ortiz. She wants this all stopped as was promised before she left Lubbock as evidenced in her bond conditions. We just cannot ask enough, that Senator Perry stop. She doesn’t want any contact from him at all, she wants no relationship with him at all and never will. Her family is sick of this, she is sick of this constant unwanted contact and he seems bent on proving Ms Ortiz’s psychologist correct in her assessment that Senator Perry knows that he doesn’t matter to Ms Ortiz at all, personally or professionally, therefore he creates situations, intending her harm, that forces her to pay attention him the same as her former patients with mental disabilities. His attention and intrusion in her life is by force. It is not wanted. We would all ask that he stop. She will not be coerced into a lie nor will she respond to attempts to extort her into a relationship with the Senator. He really just is not her type and he really is forcing this situation where it will have to be dealt with in court if he refuses to interfere in her work, continues with unwanted contact, continues with invading her privacy, continues to threaten, intimidate and coerce her into a lie or unwanted relationship and in her relationships. Ms Ortiz would like to put him and his stalking in the past and wishes he would to. We hope every day he’ll realize that and simply cease and desist the stalking harassment, interfering in her life, invading her privacy threatening, intimidating and causing her loss after loss and move on with his life.


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