Senator Perry Still Working On Arranging A Second False Arrest of OK Stalking Victim

Perry tells Ms Ortiz early this morning he will attempt to frame her for murder, of all things, the effort has been underway for some time as Ms Ortiz reported to her attorney in March, 2017 that she had articles of clothing and discarded gum and could not figure out why those items in particular were taken from her work. She reported it to her attorney immediately after the items were taken telling her family and her attorney “why would they take my discarded gum. Who even does that?” Now she knows why. Perry told Ms Ortiz the only hang up is they can’t get the ballistics to cooperate with what they want them to be. He tells Ortiz “We aren’t going to mess this one up like we did the last one and ‘yosimite sam’ it.” Yosimite Sam being the gun slinger who just shot off his guns every where never really aiming at anything in particular. In other words it seems to be an analogy for the last time Perry carried out threats to arrange a false arrest and he tells Ortiz they will make sure not to make the same mistakes with his second arranged false arrest. He appears to want the charges to be so very serious so as to so overwhelm Ms Ortiz so much that she will agree to anything, including being in a relationship with a man that repulses her, that being Senator Perry, and lying for him. She is just never going to do either one and if he wants to frame her for murder, she’s notified her attorneys of the threats to do that, of her items of missing clothing and discarded gum taken from her work on the night it happened and Ms Ortiz knows nobody that is been murdered. To the best of her knowledge everyone she knows is very much alive so if there is a deceased victim, she has no idea who that would be. Also, she has never in her life shot a weapon, she’s never discharged a weapon of any kind ever in her life, has never owned a gun, and if she will not get a gun for protection, she is certainly not going to go around killing anyone. There is no one in her life that she would want to see harmed including Senator Perry and he has by far caused her the most heartache as anyone else she knows. She just does not handle things that way. She handles them through legal options available to her as most people do. In fact, her grandddad, former Police Chief of Roswell, once asked her why she decided not to become a fifth generation cop. She doesn’t want to be put in a situation where she would have to kill someone even in self defense. This is not a person who would harm anyone and her psychiatrist made it clear Ms Ortiz has displayed zero propensity for violence and wishing to harm and in fact has gone to great lengths to avoid confrontation with Senator Perry who would be the person she most dislikes, but even he, she not interested in harming in any way. So if she moves and moves and changes jobs and careers and moves again to get away from someone who has engaged in constant catastrophic unsolicited attack, one right after the other, she’s not gonna hurt anyone. That’s not how she rolls. If she got a gun today and headed out to the target range, she’s not even sure she could hit anything. She’s just never discharged a firearm of any kind ever in her life. It would probably take her a good long time just to figure out how to get the safety off.
So what is she supposed to think when a married Senator in Texas is telling her “We just need to find a way to make the striations match up, then we will be able to frame you for murder and you’ll never get out unless you be with me and lie for me.” What in the heck is she supposed to do? She knows he has threatened to do something drastic like this since the moment she arrived back home. He did it once, what is to keep him from doing the same thing all over again? Her son knows. Her ex husband knows. Her co workers know. Her attorneys know. Her friends all know. She has gobs of emails and texts and recorded phone calls talking of the daily threats to kill her or arrange a false arrest and evidence of the threats has been provided to her attorneys. As everyone knows, Senator Perry does appear to have attempted to kill her, actually, he seems to be the one that does that, then had her arrested to cover it up. She had texts and emails months before telling people of his threats. He does appear to have obstructed justice in that investigation by having her arrested before she ever talked to police for filing a police report causing the loss of crucial evidence that exonerates her. That evidence goes a long way in proving her claims that Senator Perry is stalking her, is threatening her, is harassing her, does intend harm, was angry that she attempted to get a Protective Order and simply retaliated. She again is attempting to seek a Restraining Order and again Perry is doing every thing and anything within his power to block her from doing including contacting attorneys she calls and telling them not to help her. He can see who she calls because he’s hacked all her phones.
At a former club where Ms Ortiz worked, several of Ms Ortiz’s co workers told her, “Dave was in here. He told us not to talk about your case with you that if you brought it up, to change the subject.” Another girl pipped in, “And Fabian. We are not to allow you to talk about Fabian and if you do, we have to look away like we don’t care. We do. But we’ve been told to pretend we don’t. They don’t like you talking about him. They want you to like the Senator so when you talk about Fabian they get all mad because it means you don’t like the Senator.” The other girl confirmed these comments. Its pretty bazaar when a married politician hires a guy to got tell your co workers what they can and cannot talk to you about. That’s pretty controlling, I’d say particularly for a man whose been told to stop all contact. Stop all contact means with Ms Ortiz and everyone she knows. That means go do what you do where you live and stop coming over here to Oklahoma to interfere with Ms Ortiz’s attempt to do what she does with the people she cares about. Ms Ortiz is not the type of person to go around hurting other people. Having to deal with someone who has done nothing but cause loss for her, who seems to have latched on and won’t let go has been difficult for Ms Ortiz to comprehend how anyone could even think that way. Cynthia has a lifetime history long before she ever met Senator Perry. Her life is distinctly different than it was before she met him. There is a marked decline. It is typical for stalkers to do that. Having a stalker results in quite a lot of devastation as the typical stalker does exactly what Senator Perry has done to Ms Ortiz. Thankfully, she’s learned she is not alone. Other people who are victims of stalking have been through what she is going through. Any crime, including stalking, leaves “fingerprints” so to speak. Over the years you can very much see Senator Perry’s stalking fingerprints all over Ms Ortiz’s life. Its been devastating and stalking typically is. She is the one who has suffered one catastrophic loss after another just since meeting him. She had some prior to meeting him that would be considered normal life set backs but its vastly vastly unspeakably worse since she met the Senator and he fixated on her and is ruining her life. He has no such fingerprints on his life at all.
Prior to meeting Senator Perry, Ms Ortiz had spent 12 years in the medical business and government reform and had lived in big cities prior to even meeting Senator Perry and in that work and in that time period she met some pretty impressive, intelligent individuals. Pretty much all her life she’s worked with surgeons, and elected officials so for Perry to allege she was star struck with him and fixated on him is laughable. When she met Perry he was not elected to anything and just wasn’t an interesting person particularly compared to the other people she’d spent her entire life work with and around. That allegation is nonsense.
This is the bazaar crazy stuff Perry imposes upon Ms Ortiz daily. Again, we wish he would cease and desist trying to kill Ms Ortiz, trying to arrange a second false arrest and constantly try to find ways to throw her in jail, cease interfering in her life, in her relationships, in her finances, stop contacting her covertly or not covertly, stop having her followed, and get out of her life and leave her alone. She is incredibly tired of the Senator telling her how powerful he is and of all the horrible things he can do to her and get away with including but not limited to death or another false arrest. She is just flat sick of it. We all wish Senator Perry would cease and desist all of the above.
But now, after the Senator is having problems explaining why it does indeed look like he attempted to kill her being angry about her attempts to get a Protective Order, and when that didn’t work out and she went to local law enforcement he had her arrested for filing a false police report to cover it up, while not allowing her to actually talk to police, have a forensic pathologist inspect her blood and hair for poison, then dropped the charges, it appears now almost two years later, he’s attempting to find some way to arrest her again so that it will be so overwhelming she feels she has no way out but to lie for him and be his girl. She is never going to be his girl. She is completely repulsed by Senator Perry. That is never going to happen. But this is what he’s told her he is trying do to her now. She’d better be his girl or he’s always gonna kill her or have her thrown back in jail. She has gone through this type of harassment from Senator Perry and mental abuse for seven years. Its not new. Its been ongoing for many years.

Senator Perry has also threatened to have Ms Ortiz arrested for “online harassment”. I’m sorry but that is ridiculous. Which is harassment? Perry contacting her co workers and telling them what they are allowed or not allowed to talk to her about, her friends, her family, her business associates telling them not to do business with her in order to carry out Ben Campbell’s threat to ruin her business, bribing judges to take her son as she was told he did and it appears things with that court case were so off there is no other explanation for it but that,causing her so much loss that she completely ends her lifelong career in medical and government reform, moves, hides out in strip clubs, and moves again, gets poisoned by a man who said he is Senator Perry’s hit man, grabbed in the crotch all the time and even after she texts him asking him to stop his reply is “not a chance” which is not normal even in a strip club by that same “hit man”, then told to “let her life fade away”, then thrown in jail for going to local police for help but arrested before she can get that help, her mugshot smeared every where but the fact that charges were dropped, suppressed in media, lost her home, which is tortious interference being that she had a lease contract she wasn’t able to fulfill, she’s slandered, she’s defamed, she threatened daily with death or arrest, her privacy violated and it goes on and on and that’s not harassment but telling people what she is going through and what Senator Perry is doing to her is??? On what planet is that true? Senator Perry has lost nothing. Ms Ortiz makes zero effort to contact him, to invade his privacy, to contact his clients, business associates, unless there is a cross over between her friends and that and even so that would extremely limited and any association between the two unknown to Ms Ortiz, she goes no where close to him and couldn’t hack if she had a gun to her head. All these “covert” things Senator Perry has done do constitute unwanted contact, stalking and harassment. For him to claim he is being harassed appears to us to be typical “bully” behavior and Ms Ortiz has the right to defend her reputation publicly being that the Senator defamed and slandered her publicly and is not allowing media to publish any corrective information regarding the charges being dropped or her side of the story. That is harassment, not this. There is no comparison at all. Ms Ortiz has lost everything. Perry has lost nothing because she is in no way like him. Its beneath her to behave the way he does. Telling people what is happening to her is in no way harassment. That claim is simply false.

In addition, Ms Ortiz does not suffer from “delusions”. She was poisoned, which could have proven had Senator Perry not obstructed her ability to be tested by a forensic pathologist but even he, while alleging a false claim, did not demand a test to prove she was delusional or making a false claim which you’d think he would do knowing that would be something required in court. Her friends and family have provided affidavits and there is too much pointing to stalking, threats, intimidation, and harassment on the part of Senator Perry directed at Ms Ortiz to substantiate some wild accusation that its all in her head. There are texts, emails going way back up until Dave the hit man’s texts admit to poisoning and sexual assault to say that she is imagining or has a problem with seeing things that are not there. We’ve all seen them. They are very very much there. In fact when he first began to make that accusation, she forwarded information to various people who responded appropriately confirming they saw what she saw, took it the way she took it and were as alarmed and concerned for her safety as she is. This does not a delusional woman make. Her evidence supports her claims and anyone can see that. Its simply more effort to slander, defamation and besmirching Ms Ortiz in order to stalk her and get away with it.

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