Extortion, Coercion, Intimidation, Obstruction of Justice and More

n August 2015, two policemen approached Ms Ortiz at work and told her Senator Perry had asked them to find a way to arrest her. They said they told him they would not. That’s not why they signed up to be policemen. She did not know for sure which department they were with as there are several in the area. The conversation disturbed her so much, she drove 30 minutes to a relatives home just to tell him. She said, “If I die in a car accident, its probably not going to be an accident. If he has me arrested, he threatened it. Its just out of retaliation because I sought a protective order and it pissed him off.” She said the policemen indicated he contacted them in need of “security”. Ms Ortiz has never threatened the Senator and it appears they could see his intent wasn’t quite on the up and up. Ms Ortiz has spent the last four years running from him. If anyone needs security, its her not him. Her psychologist confirmed this in stating that he was intending to harm her to get her attention when he did in fact have her arrested as threatened.
In May, 2015 Ms Ortiz sought a protective order against the senator. In August, 2015 she’s told Perry gave an order to policemen, which it sounded like while off duty, to find a way to arrest her. In October, 2015 she’s approached by a man who identified himself as Dave Robertson, told her to recant her claims of stalking or he would put her in the lake. In December through January, 2015 she begins getting ill immediately after drinking what appears to be spiked drinks at work from men saying they are customers from out of state. She then texts Dave and confronts him asking him if its arsenic to which he says “yes”. She reports stalking and harassment to Tulsa PD on January 12 2016 and is told a detective will be assigned and call her back to collect evidence and take a statement. While she awaits that call, she is in fact arrested for filing a false police report in retaliation for the senator doing his job. She had not even spoken to police yet. Her blood and hair not tested to see if she was in fact poisoned. She then demands of her attorney that some arrangement be made that Perry never contact her again to which he agrees, the DA agrees, the Judge agrees as evidenced in her bond conditions. She is told charges will be dropped if she keeps quiet. She tells her attorney, “Charles ruined my reputation with this. He planned this, he threatened it, and I told everyone he was gonna do it.” She did have many emails and texts to friends and family stating such long before she even filed that police report. Her attorney stated, “Nobody can tell you you can’t talk to media because the First Amendment gives you the right to. However, if you would allow them some room.” Ms Ortiz stated, “Under one condition. Charles Perry never ever contacts me again ever. All the stalking harassment threats, attempts to kill me and fake up arrests stops.” To which all parties agreed as evidenced in her bond conditions.
Ms Ortiz arrives home in April, 2016. The threats, harassment, stalking, intimidation attempts, hacking, cameras in her home, trackers on her car, all of which constitute felony stalking began again. She immediately notified her attorneys sending them screen shot after screenshot. She notified family and friends and two other attorneys. This continues even now. The charges were dropped but not when promised and not without her attorney having to file a motion to dismiss. No promise kept. Ms Ortiz lost her home, two months of her life and her mug shot every where. In addition she lost crucial evidence what appears to be attempted murder and continues to be threatened with the same death or another false arrest and false imprisonment every single day. She has a foot high of documents as evidence of this. She’s had evidence stolen, deleted and continues to be intimidated and harassed and threatened.
Ms Ortiz stated, “He’s threatening all of it again. Everything is the same as it was before. He thinks we are a couple. We are not a couple and never will be. He thinks if he has me arrested again, I will ask for him because he’s telling me he wants me to ask for him again and then he will change, be nice and take me to Paris. He gave me the offer, Prison or Paris. I’d rather have my eye gouged out with an icepick than be in the same room with Charles Perry. I want him gone. There should be no question in anyone’s mind at all as to what I want or what I will do. There should be no doubt after four years of me asking him to stop contacting me as to the fact that I don’t like him, don’t want anything to do with him and never will. If he does it to me again I will simply testify at trial that I was threatened with false arrest for years in order to secure a recant of my claims that he is a stalker and that as far as I’m concerned any such act constitutes a violation of Title 18 of the USC which prohibits acts of coercion and extortion,  in that I believe it to be an intentional attempt to intimidate and coerce me into a lie and extort a relationship with a man that I’ve told to leave me alone for four years. I left Texas to get away from him. I left careers I’d been good at for 15 and 20 years to get away from him. How much more clear can I be? Arranging a second false arrest is not going to intimidate me into anything. I will simply testify of these facts no matter what charges he trumps up to intimidate me into a lie. I’m not going to lie for him. All he has to do is leave me alone. All this time all his money and all his power have done nothing but make his stalking problem more exposed. It has not made me want him and will not make me want him. It has not made him not look like a stalker. Its made him look more like a stalker than ever. What will make him not a stalker is when he stops stalking. You can’t drive drunk more and think that will show the world you are not a drunk driver. Anyone who thinks that is insane. Likewise, you can’t stalk a woman more and think that will show the world you aren’t a stalker including arranging false arrests as part of that stalking. He continues to interfere with my work stating he wants me arrested at a strip club so that I won’t like strip clubs because he doesn’t want me meeting men. Its none of his business. He acts like we are a couple. We aren’t. That’s his wild imagination. Its none of his business who I meet. He is a married man. How could he treat his wife this way and think I would want him. He’s grotesque to me. All it does really is speak to the fact that there is no political vendetta as he claims and this is his attempt to force and bully me into an affair that I’m not the least bit interested in being in and never will be. It won’t make me dislike strip clubs. It makes me dislike him more than ever. I asked Senator Perry to leave me alone. Everyone promised that he would cease all contact before I left Lubbock as evidenced in my bond conditions and I expect him to do just that and stop contact me. It is a felony crime in a number of ways for him to continue this harassment, intimidation, attempts to harm me and interfere in my life and my family and I are sick of it.”
Remember Ms Ortiz was in the medical business and successful for 20 years prior to meeting Senator Perry in 2010 and a Political Consultant for 15 years in three states prior to meeting Senator Perry. When he refused to end their relationship in December, 2012 she abruptly ended her political consulting career, stopped even voting, in order to distance herself from the Senator. When that didn’t work, she moved from Lubbock to Dallas in November, 2013 and started dancing thinking that because Senator Perry portrays himself as a far right wing Christian, happily married family man and deacon of his church, that he would never ever dare contact her in a strip club. She was wrong. He did. So she fled to Oklahoma near family in September, 2014 still hiding in strip clubs. It was in the strip club where she worked that it appears he attempted to kill her and at the very least, assault her with a potentially deadly weapon. Ms Ortiz simply vomited up the arsenic Dave admits to having given to her on Perry’s behalf in his texts. It was clear foul play was intended but not successful. When she went to Tulsa PD for help, before she even received a call back, which came on February 15, 2016, she was arrested and included in the indictment was the allegation that she claimed she was poisoned falsely, however, the Senator never asked for forensic testing to prove her claims were false and instead blocked her attempt to be tested. It appears he tried to kill her then had her arrested to cover it up. Ms Ortiz was already sitting in Lubbock jail when Tulsa PD detectives called her back to arrange for the proper collection of evidence. There was no police investigation. There were seasoned investigators involved and yet not one, knowing they had to prove their case in court, demanded Ms Ortiz be tested to prove their claims that she was not poisoned. This tends to implicate the Senator in what might otherwise be just some weirdo in a bar who saw her story on the news and thought he’d mess with her. She was arrested on charges filed in Lubbock, where Senator Perry lives and not where Ms Ortiz lives or where the crimes against her occurred on 1/29/16 for “filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant, Charles Perry, doing his job.” This is where the obstruction of justice comes in. It appears the Senator intentionally obstructed Ms Ortiz’s ability to exercise her Constitutional right to Equal Protection in going to local police when she appears to have been poisoned, provide them with Dave’s texted admissions and death threats, admissions to sexual assault, and be tested by a forensic pathologist to determine whether or not she was poisoned. All of that was denied when Perry had her charged where he is and whisked away to Lubbock where he lives to time lapse her ability to be tested and you’d think he would demand a test being that his indictment claims her claims were false but he did no such thing. In addition, the DA and the TX Rangers involved are seasoned and knew they would need that and yet not one had her tested and her attempts to be tested by local police were obstructed. As such, because this looks bad, Senator Perry continues to threaten, harass and attempt to intimidate Ms Ortiz into a lie and a relationship with him she does not want to be in by threatening still to murder her or arrange a second false arrest. Ms Ortiz is not going to lie for the Senator nor will she ever be in any kind of relationship with him. She’s made it very very clear for four years she wants nothing at all to do with him and wants him to cease all contact as was his promise before she left Lubbock as evidenced in her bond conditions. Ortiz states that it appears Senator Perry has a mental problem as articles she’s read on stalking indicate the longer the stalking persists the deeper the mental problem of the stalker. She wants no contact from him at all. She’s made five attempts to have the matter adjudicated and Perry blocks every single one. He could show up for court and refute her evidence. He has not. She wants not to seek a Restraining Order because his harassment persists. We will see what he does to block future attempts where he could simply come to court and over come her evidence if he is innocent of stalking as he claims.
The first sentence in Ms Ortiz’s bond conditions states Senator Perry may not contact her. The bond conditions were sealed however since the case has been dismissed, she is no longer bound by its terms and the DA disclosed the terms in his dismissal. Its probably the first time in the history of the state of Texas that bond conditions state a Senator is not to contact the bondee. This is evidence of the Senator’s admission of guilt and agreement to stop contacting Ms Ortiz. He has violated that agreement and continues to contact her spoofing facebook accounts pretending to be child hood friends, hacking her phone and more.


Ms Ortiz’s psychologist states in a letter to Ms Ortiz’s attorney that Ms Ortiz has no intent to harm the Senator but has made every effort to get away from him.

The psychologist further states Ms Ortiz’s arrest was a stalking escalation and an attempt to get her attention and was malicious and intended to harm her. She states Ms Ortiz is not the danger, Senator Perry is.


Click here to hear the Psychologists perspective on Senator Charles Perry’s stalking


More information also available at Facebook.com/justice4cyn

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