Its Stalking Not Politics

First of all, keep in mind Ms Ortiz told friends in FB Messages dated September 20, 2011 that she’d been threatened by Ben Campbell, that he’d ruin her business because she contacted him asking him to reign Perry in on his public show of affection for her. Her intent was never to threaten but to prevent rumors that would ruin his campaign. He was showing affection in public in front of everyone seeming not to realize other people were watching. He is a married man. Ms Ortiz said, “Looking back, I guess I should have just let him make a fool of himself, let the rumors go, and let him deal with it himself. I was trying to protect him and I never should have done that. I should have let him deal with what he did himself. I spoke up out of concern that it would hurt his political career and not just his but mine too. I didn’t want to be associated with a smut scandal.” Ms Ortiz also has an email from friend Cheryl Underwood document actions on the part of the Senator that constitute stalking and harassment. For FOUR years she kept her mouth shut only telling close friends most of whom do not live in Texas nor do they influence votes in Texas. Some she told because they saw the Senator do things that were weird and Ms Ortiz was forced to explain the situation. She abruptly ended her political consulting career at the end of  2012 to distance herself from Senator Perry.  She hasn’t even voted since. She moved from Lubbock to Dallas and started dancing in gentlemen’s clubs thinking the Christian married Senator would never bother her there. He did. She moved again to create even more of a distance between them. She’s changed jobs six times to get away from Perry’s stalking and work place harassment.  She has email after email and text after text asking people in the Senator’s life to make him stop stalking her and expressing she does NOT want a political smut scandal. She finally was forced to make the problem public when attempting a Protective Order in May, 2015 to act as a “car alarm” so to speak hoping that would cause the Senator to stop out of concern for his own reputation, to keep him from killing her and if he did, so that he would not get away with it. These are not the actions of a pissed off constituent. These are the actions of a stalking victim.

The following is an excerpt of an email Ms Ortiz sent recently regarding Perry’s allegations of May 24, 2017, that Ms Ortiz’s alleged vendetta was about gun control. The entire email however, addresses all political issues:
“I am not for taking peoples guns away. I am also not for crazies shooting up cops and five year olds. I have no solution in mind at all. I have never heard Senator Perry’s solution because I never talked to him about that in order to know whether I agree or disagree with him. Obama won not one county in Oklahoma. Where I live now is just as conservative as he is on everything. That demographic in Lubbock would demand someone just like him politically minus the stalking. Even if I had stayed and ran someone against him it would be over the stalking or I would not waste my time. The voter demographic in Lubbock demands representation that is pro life, anti gay marriage, pro gun rights, tough on immigration, fiscally conservative and interestingly enough, strong adherence to the US Constitution. But for the stalking and the non adherence to the US Constitution he showed in my arrest, Perry is exactly what his voter demographic wants. Anyone who does not take this stand on the issues, is simply not electable in Lubbock, Texas. It is a very conservative Republican district. So without the stalking problem, it would not make sense to even try to run a candidate against him. The only reason I would have had I stayed in Lubbock would be the stalking. Anyone who replaces him would have to be exactly as he is on the issues or they simply cannot get elected. Therefore it wouldn’t matter even if I had had some type of political disagreement with Perry. For example, and this is JUST A HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE AND NOT REAL, if I were angry that Perry is pro life and I’m not, it wouldn’t matter. He cannot, nor can anyone else for that matter, get elected in that district unless he is pro life. So what would be the point of targeting him? What would be the point of going through all that I have gone through, not telling anyone but for a few close friends for four years, just to launch a political attack at a man whose district requires the same on the issues. If I wanted Perry out of office due to the stalking, I would have stayed in Lubbock and grass roots his ass out of office. I probably would have made money and expanded business contacts. That was never my goal. My goal was to leave, walk away, never look back, get as far away from him as possible, put my relationship with that man in the past and move on. My goal was to be free of him and live my life happily and peacefully without him in it.
Out of all the elected officials I have worked with over the years, many have not done what I’d hoped. Many have in fact pissed me off. Yet Perry is the one and only person in my life that I’ve had to seek a court order of protection against. I get ZERO benefit from targeting him. There is NO reason at all to target Perry specifically. Had I stayed in Lubbock and ran someone against him, I would have not suffered so much loss, I would have made money, expanded my business and benefited. My life, my actions are that of a stalking victim not a pissed off citizen. I never even lived in his district. I lived in John Frullo’s and we were long gone by time Charles became a Senator. He matters as much to me politically as some senator in Idaho matters to you all. None. His votes, his agenda do not affect me at all. Even if I were to bully him into changing his agenda it simply would make no difference at all. Hundreds of people are involved in passing a law or setting policy. Charles cannot by himself change anything. He and Frullo are the same. They may have a few differences, but I have no idea what those differences even are.
Even Charles has said “Lubbock struggles to have a voice in Austin” because of the small population of his constituency as compared to representatives in the I35 corridor. They have a heck of a lot more power because they have a much larger voter base, population wise. They have more pull because they represent more people in Texas. So even if I were mad or disagreed, considering all of these things and that I do not even live there, OK is just as conservative as Charles, what in the name of Mike, would be the point of making up some bazaar stalker story, not telling people for four years then making all these massive life changes over and over at age 42..when this all started over a political disagreement. I would get no benefit and gain absolutely nothing at all from doing something like that. It does not even make sense at all.
I told Charles from day one, “If you dont stop, you are going to get caught and I do NOT want to be on the news for this. In my political consulting career, being associated with a smut scandal ruins ya. Its hard enough to get your issue or candidate heard without it. When Fabian said, “I think you deserve better than to have to live your life being stalked by this guy. I think you should out his ass.” I said, “Thank you. I do too…but I dont want to be on the news for this.” I only went to media when efforts to reason with Charles were futile and things got dangerous and I was not going to let him kill me and get away with it. That is the reason for FOUR years only a few people knew there was a problem. There was no media blitz. There were conversations, some with friends who saw Charles do weird things that I had to explain, followed by “Please keep this to yourself. I dont want to be on the news for this. I am trying to get him to stop. I dont want to be his mistress or his moral failure or his error in judgement or his lie. I just want him to stop. So….please keep this matter confidential.” I said that anytime I had to tell someone what was happening to me or when ppl saw. There is no reason to target Charles Perry. I do not even know what committees he is on. I dont care. It matters as much to me as a senator in Idaho matters to you. I have nothing to gain by making crap up…going way back to 2011.
In my texts where I am begging Dave from October, 2015 until a few weeks before my arrest in January, 2016, killing me or arranging a false arrest is not going to make him not a stalker. It for sure wont make me like him. This bullying and harassment wont make me recant, so if what you are doing to me will not meet a desirable end, why on earth will you not just stop? I never got am answer to the question. Long before my arrest I told people in texts and emails Charles was threatening to kill me or arrange a false arrest to cover up his secret problem. Dave just met me. Outside of Charles Perry’s motive, he had no motive to want to harm me or as he put it “put me in the lake”. Ms Ortiz, in all her texts to Dave Robertson from October, 2015 to January, 2016 just before her arrest is trying to talk him into getting Senator Perry to leave her and alone. Not one mention is made at all of any political issue. There is nothing political or related to Charles Perry’s legislative duties even mentioned. Its all about her frustration with Senator Perry’s unwanted contact, threats, harassment and stalking.
So….now well over a year…Charles still has not come up with a legislative duty he can use in court that I would be so pissed about I would go through all of this for…today he said gun rights or gun control. I have no idea what all his philosophies on guns even are to know if I agree or disagree with him. I know in the indictment he made me sound like some sort of violent crazy criminal type, but as it turns out, I do not own a gun. I never have. I have never even held one. The bouncers at work all had one if Dave did something else there after trying to poison me, they could protect me, but I have never in my life discharged a weapon. Don’t plan to either. If I were in a bank robbery next to a cop who was shot and I had to get his gun to save me and keep the cop from getting hurt worse, I cannot even take off the safety. Paul Scarborough tried to describe it on the phone to me once years ago and unless I am shown…that was like listening to Greek. I have ZERO propensity for violence. That’s why the officers in Lubbock jail said “I cannot understand why you are here. We are watching you and you don,t have a mean bone in your body. I have been doing this for 30 years and I know what criminals look like. You aren’t one.  Senator Perry matters to me politically as much as some Senator in Idaho matters to people in Lubbock, which is….NONE.”
Cynthia Ortiz
I think that sums it up pretty well. Ms Ortiz made no act to retaliate against Senator Perry’s legislative duties and he knows that. She was seeking protection from a stalker. Senator Perry needs to stop, leave her and her family alone, let go and move on with his life there in Lubbock and stop bothering Ms Ortiz in Oklahoma.

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